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About Noora

Noora is a 21-year-old architect and artist based in Bahrain, where she works as an intern at a regional engineering firm. In both her architectural and artistic endeavors, she is interested in the role of time and place in creating narratives, whether on a societal or personal scale.

As an architecture graduate, she has always been interested in chronological movement within a space, the first moments of interaction upon walking through a built environment for the first time, and moreover how that morphs into memorized patterns over time. With art, this was always instinctive, having been brought up in an artistic household. This awareness of time and place manifested subconsciously through the theme of memory, where her work mainly centers on trying to grasp a past feeling to create a collection of all these random anecdotes that capture a lifeline when strung together. Her artistic journey, which is still underway, is to find the patterns and the changes within the culmination of these memories.

Artist Statement

I was particularly moved by your dedication to featuring a diverse cast of artists, yet simultaneously viewing the artist as an artist before any of his/her/their physical attributes; your idea of celebrating differences but not differentiating them. I’ve often felt a duty to represent my culture through my art, and while I naturally include elements of my upbringing within my artworks, I would like them to be not only globally accessible but also understood and felt, beyond the frame of any background. it is refreshing to find a platform that picks up on moments of personal and social identity within the art to show each artist’s unique perspective while granting them all the setting in which these universal themes can coexist.

Showcasing Art

Carry Me Home


Carry Me Home


Digital Illustration


Available for Acquisition. Contact info@artisteculture for more information

About the Artwork

Carry Me Home depicts the return of the mind to the body after a long and passive day, a cycle we often ignore.

The feeling of exhaustion at the end of a day is at times defeating. That little bird reminds me to keep going, and I hope that this piece will offer anyone else who sees it the solace of a bird’s guiding wings.