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Hessen, Germany

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About Nicola

Nicola Barth is dealing with permanent metamorphic processes in non-obvious areas. Her works can be understood as an insight into a temporally and spatially limited section of a development process. Painting and drawing mainly in oil are complemented by sculptures and manipulated photos. The content follows the same principle and is as abstract and surreal as her paintings. There is indeed a world behind this world. And it's constantly moving.


As a philosopher without words, I try to make milk glass permeable."As if there stands before me a human form, born of paint, in a state of constant, breathtaking metamorphosis" (Dr. Roland Held) Vigour and expressive tenseness. Figurative associations that are evocative of organic or geological processes. Cryptic titles such as "Hono Badi Nis" are meant to resonate rather than be understood. Paintings that present more questions than answers. This is an apt description of Nicola Barth's ( living) creations.


Nicola Barth is a painter who occasionally forays into the world of physical (sculpture) and digital (photography). She mainly paints in oil on paper and canvas and she loves to paint in large formats. Ideas about morphology, the spirit, matter, energy, insights, transformation, time, and space accompany her works and are also what spurs her on. My paintings emerge from an internal dilemma. It is not possible to comprehend the world completely. I, therefore, paint what I don't understand but crave to understand. "As an artist, one is always a seismograph traveling through the world with one's tentacles fully spread and ready to absorb experiences. My paintings are snapshots of processes of development, comparable with a film clip that only depicts a randomly chosen and minuscule part of a very large entirely."


Nicola Barth works have been nominated for various art awards and have been on show in numerous (curated) individual and group exhibitions in Germany and abroad over the last few years. She herself says about her work: When everything is loose and in constant movement, everything reacts with everything else, everything finds itself constantly in a process, there is nothing really finished, and when time and space are only fixed ideas, then deception and change are confusion and chance It remains to stop and make visible. ‚ÄûI sees my abstract paintings as something that is in a permanent process. 


Nicola Barth, born 1966 - lives and works today in Langen near Frankfurt am Main. She completed her master's degree in German language and literature, theatre, film and television studies and psychology at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. But soon she put her pen out of her hand and picked up a brush, changed languages, and found new forms of expression. Since 2013, Nicola Barth has been dealing with permanent metamorphic processes that take place in non-obvious areas. In it, she visualises ideas of becoming and changing, the glances of figures that are not, combines poetry and chaos, and brings them to canvas and paper with graphite and oil paint. She has been exhibiting regularly since 2002.

Artist Statement

Over time, I realized that words and language were too brained and that I lacked the means to express what there was to say. In non-objective painting, I then found exactly this possibility of expression. Language is unambiguous, is controlled by the mind, and raises us to a conformal level. Painting, on the other hand, deviates from the norm. It leads from the depth into the depth of an experience of being, it is another, for me more open form of communication, which is grasped with other senses and leaves more scope and freedom. Here it is more about experiencing and not understanding. The driving force of my painting is the gain of knowledge. I paint out of an inner dilemma: the impossibility of thinking the world through to the end. In other words: I paint what I don't understand but desire to understand. Everything is constantly in motion, nothing remains. Time and space are questioned. That can sometimes make you dizzy. This fast pace of life in nature and in our society and the rapid digital progress demands a stop, a standstill, a retreat to follow. My analog answer to this is painting.


When I paint I primarily work with oil on canvas or oil on paper. Recently, however, I have started to work with acrylic paint again. The reason for this is that I took courses at the academy. There you don't only have to be able to transport your work back, but they may also not like it so much when you work with oil paint, because oil is very odor-intensive. Thanks to the acrylic paint I made some surprising discoveries. This fast colour allows a more expressive work than oil. Is there something, or someone, that influences you? Surely there would be some names of artists whose works I think are great for various reasons that have inspired and influenced me on a formal level. But as an artist, you are also always a seismograph of society and tentacles quite openly porous through the world. Creative work is ultimately about input and output and the individual 'in-between' that manifests itself in an artistic result. So I am influenced by everything and everyone and always. People, conversations, nature, materials, spaces, texts - everything can inspire me if I am open (on air in off space). The idea of transformation.

Thank you for finding and contacting me. Thank you for your interest and trust in my artistic work. The Artist Story is a wonderful and great idea! I love networking and collaboration with individuals out of different cultures!

Showcasing Art

Wilde Grüngebete


Wilde Grüngebete


Acrylic and Oil on Canvas

2 x 160 x120 x 2 cm

Available for Acquisition. Contact info@artisteculture for more information

About the Artwork

The first layer of my Wild Green Prayers was created at the Art Academy in a course with Peter Casagrande. Course location was in a former prayer room with floor-to-ceiling windows and a wonderful view of a church facing the prayer room. In dreary January, my desire for green, exploding nature, and color were obviously great...