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Xencelabs are a new global company with decades of combined experience across a range of creative industries.

They specialize in the graphic tablet market and develop tools where the details make the difference. They deliver premium digital design solutions that offer more value to professional creatives.


With the vision and conviction to create opportunities for emerging and seasoned artists to grow in their careers, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Xencelabs.

Introducing: Opposites Attract

50 works by 50 Artists will be showcased at this virtual exhibition.

Prizes Include:

First- A paid contract with Xencelabs and a Xencelabs bundle

Second- Xencelabs bundle

Third- Xencelabs Standard

Our life is full of opposites- man vs woman, right vs wrong, South vs North, love vs hate, orient vs occident… Does the opposite really attract? Why do they, or don't they?

The Occident and the Orient, the two terms that are separated geographically and culturally, have actually linked and integrated through trades, envoys, and cultural exchanges throughout history. And, the effects of this historical process are still being felt today, which is called globalisation.


And, along with the development of new media in the 21st-century, virtuality comes into our life to solve the problem of reality. It is undoubtedly that our life gets facilitated, and extended with the assistance of high technology. However, as the border between reality and virtuality is getting blurry, the relationship between reality and virtuality has been fiercely contested – what can we do with the increasing virtual consciousness, how can we control it; what effect may it leave on the nature of people…


'Opposites Attract' cannot only be the external cultural norms but also internal motivations, such as introversion vs extroversion, sense and sensibility, courage, and timidity. In the exhibition, we would like to demonstrate all the possibilities of opposites and discuss why they are different and how they attract each other.


Most importantly, 'Opposites Attract' is what some artists strive to seek in their artistic journey.

Selected Artists:

Aadit Basu, India

Abhiniti Arora, India

Adam Niklewicz, USA

Adyasha Sen, India

Allan Martin, Canada

Ameana Alessandri, England

Anyam Borpuzari, India

Ariana Jhaveri, India

Arpit Bhattacharya, India

Ayushi Chaurasia, India

Bruna Denegri Serkovic, Peru

Debarpita Sarkar, India

Dixit Motiwala, India

Eden Redpath, USA

Farhan Shaikh, India

Hi-Jeong So, South Korea

Himanshu Gopalani, India

Ilianna Kamtsiora, Greece

Isabella Kobi, Brazil

Isreal Ozioma Jesuloba, Nigeria

Jacqueline Williams, India

Juhie Shamdasani, India

Matthew Mifsud, England

Melanie Royster, USA

Mohamed Imran, India

Mohita Kaul, India

Muskaan Mishra, India

Nagy Deborah, Romania

Nehal Sharma, India

Pavneet Singh, India

Pellin Li, China

Prerit Jain, India

Rini Angeliantari, Indonesia

Rohit Chakraborty, India

Sajal Jain, India

Sakshi Sharmae, India

Sam Alexander Mattacott, England

Sandeep Kumar, India

Sayantan Kundu, India

Shyamolie Madhavji, India

Srotoswini Sinha, India

Sumit Jumde, India

Sumit Sharma, India

Tushar Madaan, India

Urjasvi Gandhi, India

Vasudha Bakshi, India

Vibeke Kidmose, Denmark

Wei Li, Canada

Yasha Shrivastava, India

Zareen Ashraf, Pakistan