We are calling for an exhibition open to all contemporary visual artists. 

We are committed to creating a more diverse and equal exhibition environment. Identity, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, language are important and unique factors that form the artists’ stories, just like style, skills, materials forming their artworks. We celebrate the differences but never differentiate them. We embrace plurality and diversity, respect equality and open-mindedness, and celebrate the distinct cultures and journey of artists.

Art brings forth expression, allowing rational thought slip to the sidelines in favour of letting the imagination soar. This is why Artiste Culture, a young, multicultural art crew, calls for an online art exhibition beyond the boundaries of geographies, languages, cultures, genres and media. 


As much as artists write stories within their works, curators tell stories in exhibitions. This exhibition aims to build a platform for both young and established artists to emerge, express, expose and elaborate by providing them with a canvas to colour, a stage to speak and a platform to network. We want to make artworks speak for themselves. 


Through our efforts, we hope to give a voice to the art industry's younger forces, bring some aesthetic enjoyment to art lovers, and light up this bewildered society with some colours and, some joy. 


We sincerely welcome all of you to our little world of art.

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