In anticipation of our Online Exhibition 'The Artist Story', we are hosting numerous activities such as talks, panel discussions, and workshops. Come here to book our free events and learn more about the wide world of art!

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Art and Hospitality

19th April 2021 - 4pm GMT

In Conversation with Artiste Culture, Alexandra Schafer (Founder and Managing Director at Velvenoir) will touch upon a range of topics related to art in hotels. In addition, she will provide insights into consulting for private collectors.

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Branding Madrid

April 5th 2021 - 4pm BST

A dynamic and unconventional talk about art stories from Madrid with Valerie Jaimes, led by Artiste Culture's Adele Carraro and Yasaman Tamizkar.

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Art Stories from the Middle East.

March 22nd 2021 - 5pm GMT

Adele Carraro, Partnership Executive at Artiste Culture, and Yasaman Tamizkar, Mosem's Founder will discuss this new collaborative platform and all the opportunities it is bringing for artists, writers, and researchers to explore common roots by means of a visual and textural archive.

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