Anukta Mukherjee Ghosh


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Kolkata, India

About Anukta

Anukta's vibrant strokes breathe in a symphony of the world around her, as she celebrates life through her colours. Her style is contemporary realistic and her subjects range from a variety of interests amid India’s diversity. She believes that Art can transform the mundane to the extraordinary.


Rising above her corporate avatar of over a decade, Anukta bid adieu to her successful career with a Real Estate MNC and with ITC Hotels. She embarked on a new adventure with a Diploma course with a certificate of distinction from the London School of Art.

Anukta has been felicitated by the Govt. of India for her painting titled ""Magan"" that is the logo for a PAN India project. Shri Amitabh Bachchan featured her painting in his official blog in February 2018. She has won several awards. Her artworks adorn private homes and corporate houses across India and worldwide in US, UK, Dubai and New Zealand. Notable among them are her works for the ITC Ltd. - Hotels Division and a recent series in London, for Speciality Restaurants Ltd.

Artist Statement

Ever inspired by the spaces I inhabit, the places I visit and the people I meet, I enjoy freeing the captured images in my mind onto the canvas. Styles of figurative, landscape and semi-abstract appeal to me. I like experimenting in all kinds of mediums - be it oil, acrylic, charcoal, water colour or soft pastel. I have so far painted in the contemporary realistic style and have at times pushed the boundary towards semi abstract. Of special interest to me are compositional elements, lines, forms and the interplay of colours.
For me, painting is not merely about the end result. Between the first brush stroke to the last, what brings me delight is the journey, the meditative and spiritual process of losing oneself to the subconscious. In that I believe I am selfish, as it is for my own succor and bliss that I paint. Even though I make a living through art, the appreciation and the artworks reaching collector's homes and offices every so often seem like an additional benefit, such being the joy of painting.
In a world that is standing at the brink of information overload, rat race and its resultant melancholy, I believe in the in the redemptive power of art. I am determined to continue making my strokes cast a magical spell of positivity and cheerfulness on the viewer, reaching not only the heart but the very soul of those who take respite in art.
I wish that my work reaches the widest audience possible and I wish to travel the world through and for art.

Showcasing Art

Journey to '21 & Beyond


Journey to '21 & Beyond


Acrylic on Canvas

92 x 92 x 5

Available for Acquisition. Contact info@artisteculture for more information

About the Artwork

As the tumultuous year of 2020 inched towards the end and the world geared up closer to the rolling out of vaccines, the tide is finally turning in the favour of the global war against the pandemic. Through this artwork, the artist has tried to convey her wish for a covid free and ultimately a mask-free India, as the truck takes a journey towards 2021. She has represented the small-town Indians - old and the youth - which forms the backbone of her country and her wish is to see it progress towards a virus-free country, back on its track of economic growth. The background line drawings starting from the bottom left and going clockwise to the top right, begin with masked migrants, then focus on the much-anticipated vaccinations, which she hopes will ultimately render a mask-free country and the world at large, represented by the smiling child. The artist has used several techniques of brushwork and spatula here with emphasis on perspective drawing and line drawings as well.