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About Huda

Huda Jamal is a Bahraini artist and an architecture student at the University of Bahrain. She discovered her passion for drawing in her early elementary years and participated in her first art exhibition at the age of nine, that is when her passion for art began to blossom. Portraiture was the first type of art that she showed interest in, she was intrigued by the amount of emotion and expression that can be shown with only the facial features. Despite experimenting with different types of art, Huda recently found herself gravitating towards expressionism art. Inspired by Edvard Munch, she found expressionism as the ideal way to combine reality with her imagination, along with finding different ways for expression through the usage of colors, postures, and angles. With the influence of psychology, Huda tries to combine her human observations with her concepts in the art she creates.

Artist Statement

I express through my works and I want to convey my thoughts to art lovers or viewers in general. Joining your Exhibition will encourage me and will help me to learn something new such as having a conversation with collectors, gallerists, and curators. I really wanted to develop myself in every aspect in this field and I think experience through your process will help me.

In our current times, Arab female women are constantly going through obstacles to become what they aspire to be. As they march together to fight the double standards, so many voices are being shut down and neglected. I use my artwork as a tool to tell a story on their behalf, on the hope that people will begin to recognize our challenges, as we all strive to make a difference.

Showcasing Art

Behind The Scenes


Behind the Scenes


mixed media on paper

28 x 20.5 

Available for Acquisition. Contact info@artisteculture for more information

About the Artwork

The artwork includes three female human figures which are a representation of the women that contribute to building the futures of those surrounding them, whether they are their mentors, employees, family members, etc. Despite being responsible of their successes, they are somehow kept behind the scenes of that victory, while not getting recognized for their efforts. The set of hug socks displayed is a symbol of those successful individuals, the variety of colors and patterns signify that each individual comes from a different background with different goals. This infuriating image speaks for the vulnerability that is being dealt with while being controlled by a greater authority throughout their lifetime.