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Liu Jianbin


Wenling, China

About Liu

Liu Jianbin (刘建宾) is an ink artist and an art educator from China. He is also a member of the China Artists Association with decades of experience.
Since the 1980s, Liu Jianbin has exhibited his works in national, provincial, and municipal exhibitions within China. His talent has also been recognized in foreign countries, including Japan, France, the Netherlands, etc.
Liu was interviewed by many Chinese media such as Sohu, Sina, Phenix, ect.

 In terms of modeling, in order to strengthen the characters and themes of the figures in his works, he deforms and exaggerates some body parts in order to express the different personalities and temperaments. Moreover, adding some elements borrowed from folk art makes the style of his works more hyperbolic and unique.
In recent years, the main theme of Liu Jianbin's works has been shifted from figures to landscapes, especially ancient dwellings. Water, ink, and colour crash and blend on his rice paper; houses, rooves, walls, and threes contrast and celebrate each other's beauty. In a refined style, Liu Jianbin's works reflect the rusticity and quietness of traditional Chinese villages, records the laborious work of local fishermen, or merely captures a life moment that seems to be very ordinary but touches the bottom of hearts. Through his precious painting, Liu happily depicts the Chinese lifestyles and praises the diligence, courage, and passion of the life of Chinese people. He insists on the innovation of the subject matter and content of his works. Although his recent oeuvres are mostly based on daily life, they show the lifestyle and philosophy that only belong to Chinese people. He also hopes to record the ephemeral homes and traditions in his works.

Artist Statement

Liu's distinct individual style makes him stand out among contemporary Chinese ink artists. While inheriting the figurative style and realistic meticulous art skills from the academy, he has uniquely developed his artistic language which is a kind of subtle and indistinct manner.

Showcasing Art

Border Town - II: Drying Autumn

Liu Jianbin Drying Autumn.jpg

Border Town - II: Drying Autumn


Ink on Rice paper

96 x 96

Available for Acquisition. Contact info@artisteculture for more information

About the Artwork

This work is from “The Fading Hometown (即逝的家园)” which I started creating in 2019. Its art form and artistic language are very different from my previous works. I found inspiration during my trip to Black Stone Village in Pan'an County, Zhejiang Province in China when I was intrigued by the local old houses. The houses are mostly built of black volcanic stone, complemented by rouge doors and windows, which creates very beautiful contrast by the colors and forms. So, it inspired my desire to depict the beautiful scenery and landscape. The local architecture occupies the main part of the painting. Even though not a single figure appears in the picture, the happy scene of local fishermen sunbathing in autumn is shown through
the depiction of objects from a perspective of looking up (which was also my view as a tourist at that time). I
applied my self-invented water-wash technique to create a unique texture on delicate rice paper. I wish to celebrate
the happy moment of the harvest of the local fishermen in my painting.