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Zhenfei Sun


Weifang, China

About Zhenfei

Sun Zhenfei is a Ph.D. candidate in Fine Art from Hanyang University, South Korea. MFA from the University of Texas, the USA, BFA in oil painting from Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, China.
Sun has participated in many national and international exhibitions including the Chinese Contemporary Art Exhibition at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, the National Art Academy Works Exhibition, The 2nd Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Youth Art Works.

Artist Statement

I fell in love with painting since I was a child. In painting, I have the freedom to feel the world. communicate with myself and express myself. I started professional training in middle school. And finally, I become a professional artist, exploring the contemporary oil painting. I find inspirations for through journalistic pictures, historical pictures, and documentaries. I create characters and narratives through my own form. I am all free. Visually, I translate the power of objectivity, simplicity and directness that I feel into my creations, pulling apart the distance between the original and the facsimile to create the space for imagination.

Showcasing Art

Mr W and Miss L

W先生和V小姐 孙振飞 2021.JPG

Mr W and Miss L


Oil on Canvas

100 x 80 x 3.5

Available for Acquisition. Contact info@artisteculture for more information

About the Artwork

One day I came across an old photograph that touched me a lot. So I created this painting. The names of the boy and girl are fictional. Their relation is obscure- are they friends, brother, and sister, or childhood sweethearts? I am not sure here, nor do I want to be too straightforward to indicate anything. All I want to do is to leave the viewers an endless space for memories or imagination...