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Leah and Esther Wiesing


Bamberg, Germany

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About Leah and Esther

Leah and Esther are two twin sisters who love to explore the world of design by creating and experimenting with different kinds of ceramic objects. After their graduation in object and spatial design, last summer they opened a little online shop - called CortoMagDelft- in order to present the various objects they have been making for years to a broader and art-loving audience. With CortoMagDelft they try to cover the topic of ceramics from a different perspective; their artifacts are always unique and are thus located in the border area between design and art.

Artist Statement

Our artistic journey started long ago when we were kids experimenting in our mum’s studio. Over the course of time, our objects became bigger, more functional, and more time-consuming. We started studying Design and kept experimenting along the way, with clay, plaster metal and other materials.

Showcasing Art

La Faccia

Bilder Corto-116.jpg

La Faccia


Clay Scultpure

30 x 26

Available for Acquisition. Contact info@artisteculture for more information

About the Artwork

Vase with different usage options. La Faccia – as the language already suggests – was made 2019 as a term project at the Accademia di belle Arti in Bologna, Italy.
It is made of fired clay which was painted and glazed.
The initial idea was to treat a facial relief like an ornament, which was layered many times over a basket to "face“ the cylindrical shape. La Faccia – Italian for "face“– is thus a combination of traditional imitation art and functional design and therefore hits exactly the transition we are interested in: From Art to Design and from artistic craftsmanship to modern functionality.
Each face appears to be different for reasons of slight deformation but still comes from the same mold. Although we always used the same mold it is impossible to create the same La Faccia again. It, therefore, remains unique.