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Art is the cultural manifestation of a society in a given moment of its history, yet more questions naturally arise from this observation. Which society? Which time? In the face of a globalizing tendency that homogenizes styles and identities, what does it mean to be an Indian, a Japanese, a German, or a Brazilian artist? Can we really define characteristics based on nationality without blurring the individual parts that give this national identity its meaning in the first place? Can we, on the other hand, speak about a global contemporary condition without blurring even more the specificities that make contemporary art as rich as it is? That’s what Artiste Culture is about: Understanding the potential of the times we live in, the potential of each and every one of us to be an artist. Moved by the need to overcome the barriers that, whether geographical or cultural, are still pretty much present in the art world, Artiste Culture aims to become an agent in connecting artists, collectors and institutions, offering counseling, representation, educational and curatorial services to our collaborators. We aim to highlight how we have today one of the most powerful tools in our existence to understand ourselves as we are and to acknowledge how we want to be, what vestige will remain of what we once were, and that once we were here.

- Gonzalo Montañés, Consultant at Artiste Culture

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