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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

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Sunaina Misra (she/her)


She is a founder of Artiste Culture, a research project that was initiated in 2020. She has an established global network of artists, curators, galleries and art professionals, and has experience as an Artist Liaison Manager, Project Manager, Art Consultant, Communications Manager, and Museum Manager. Her diversified exposure led to the project's inception, which assists artists and art professionals in successfully navigating the art industry worldwide. The consultancy currently represents artists and galleries from 8 different countries.

MA Design Management, Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Adele Carraro (she/her)

Partnership Executive

She Introduces Artiste Culture to the local art markets by strategically expanding the firm's network and outreach

BA in Curating and Art History, University of York. MSc in Culture and Society, LSE

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Lu Zhang (she/her)

Artist Consultant

She works as a PhD researcher in Art History for the University of Nottingham. She has a global network of artists and galleries and uses these connections to help artists achieve their goals and collectors find the best options to suit their individual tastes, needs and lifestyle

MA Art History and Business of Art and collecting, L'Institut D'etudes Superieures Des Arts, Paris. MA in Global Media and Postnational Communication, University of London

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Sophie Lefebvre Blachet (she/her)

Art Curator

She comes with extensive experience curating contemporary art shows, producing large-scale Caribbean festivals and bespoke events in Miami. She writes for art magazines and has published four books on career development for visual artists and an art abecedarium consisting of 111 interviews of art professionals. She is often invited as a speaker in France and the US to discuss the art market and contemporary art. She translates her experiences at Artiste Culture by helping international artists thrive in Miami 

Faculty of Law, Politics and Economics-University of Lille, France

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Penaaz Lala (she/her)

Project Manager

Penaaz is an interior designer and FF&E expert and comes with a work experience of 15 years in India and United Arab Emirates. Her variegated portfolio is inclusive of interior designing, product and furniture design, visual merchandising, photography, and art consultation. She brings to Artiste Culture her growing network of designers and maintains an eye for unique pieces in the field of art and design.

MA Design, Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Asma Shaikh (she/her)

Project Manager

Asma comes with previous work experience including sales, marketing, and several years of writing fictional stories, poems, and informative articles in her spare time. She translates her expertise into managing artists and their documentation. Additionally, her passion for creativity and knowledge allows her to create informative and compelling content for our artists, our magazine and websites. She also brings her digital skills to use by managing our website and social media platforms.

BBA, Rosary College of Commerce and Arts

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Klencsh Ely Sequeira (she/her)

Communications and Design Executive

Klencsh comes with a background in human resources with a passion for the digital world and creativity through crocheting. As a communications and design executive at Artiste Culture, she curates digital experiences with expertise in core house communications, managing social media and web designing. Her fusion of creativity and strategy captivates audiences, forging meaningful connections and shaping the future of digital engagement.  


BBA, Rosary College of Commerce and Arts

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Nina Bohata (she/her)

Content Writer and Artist Consultant

Nina comes with an intriguing background in music, film production and branding. During her spare time, she also maintains a music blog that has equipped her with excellent writing skills over time. She uses her journalistic approach to interview artists and write engaging newsletters and captivating blog pieces and articles for Artiste Culture. To check out her work, you can view her blog here


BA (Hons) Film, Media and Journalism, University of Stirling 

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Ayushi Vijay (she/her)

Artist Consultant

Ayushi is a ceramicist and a creative professional with varied experience in the art industry. As a product designer and an art enthusiast, she brings to Artiste Culture her growing network and creative insights which equips her to assist artists and introduce the organisation to the art industry in Bangalore.


Diploma in Product designing, Indian Institute of Crafts and Design, Jaipur, India

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Are you an avid enthusiast of contemporary art, eager to immerse yourself in the vibrant world of creativity? Join our global team of talented individuals shaping the future of the art industry. Send your resume to, and open the door to exciting opportunities in the art world today!

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