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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

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Sunaina Misra (she/her)


She comes with a network of over 700 artists from around the world. In the last seven years, she has worked as an Artist On-Boarding Manager, Project Manager, Art Consultant, Communications Manager, and Museum Manager. Her exposure to diverse art disciplines led to this project

MA Design Management, Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Adele Carraro (she/her)

Partnership Executive

She Introduces Artiste Culture to the local art markets by strategically expanding the firm's network and outreach

BA in Curating and Art History, University of York. MSc in Culture and Society, LSE

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Lu Zhang (she/her)

Artist Consultant

She works as a PhD researcher in Art History for the University of Nottingham. She has a global network of artists and galleries and uses these connections to help artists achieve their goals and collectors find the best options to suit their individual tastes, needs and lifestyle

MA Art History and Business of Art and collecting, L'Institut D'etudes Superieures Des Arts, Paris. MA in Global Media and Postnational Communication, University of London

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Gonzalo Montanes (he/him)


He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Spain and China as both an artist and a curator. He also co-curated the exhibition 'Lost Modernity' at Reina Sofia Museum, as well as multiple exhibitions at La Juan Gallery, specialising in performance art. He brings a depth of academic and professional experience within the art world

BA Fine Art, Complutense University of Madrid. MA History of Contemporary Art and Visual Culture, the Reina Sofia Museum

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Adriana Kidon (she/her)

Art Dealer

 She is a creative professional with a background in fine art and design. As the Director of Sales and Marketing at NYC fine art services company, she regularly works closely with many NYC museums, galleries, art organizations, and collectors. Additionally, she is skilled in graphic design, creating digital artwork of her own. With prior experience in museum/gallery work, artist management, and editorial writing, Adriana contributes to Artiste Culture with writing, design, art dealing, and consulting

BA Arts, Denison University

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Kimberly Babin (she/her)

Art Dealer

She comes with varied experience in the art industry and has worked in depth with artists, collectors, galleries, and other art institutions. She has also been a curator and project coordinator with an art non-profit for 3 years producing 16 shows a year across three different galleries. She brings her knowledge, network and experience to Artiste Culture which lets her assist artists by helping them connect with distinct collectors and curators

Art Law, Sotheby's Institute of Art, Christie's Education, Institute of Art and Law

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Ali Atwi (he/him)

Art Consultant

Ali is working on introducing Artiste Culture in the Middle East and North Africa Region, and exposing emerging local artists across the whole region. 


He is an interior architect, art advisor, designer, and painter. During his 5 years of professional experience, he was able to establish a solid network among artists, art galleries, and art consultants on a global level. He is a trusted consultant for several art collectors in the Middle East region.  

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Joann D'souza (she/her)

Artist Liason

Joann introduces Artiste Culture to artists from all around the world. Alongside, she also maintains a database for artists according to their requirements. She loves painting and exploring different art techniques, which equips her with a unique insight into art. Her passion for art, excellent communication and interpersonal skills allow her to understand the needs of an artist and work accordingly


B.Com, Rosary College of Commerce and Arts

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Asma Shaikh (she/her)

Content Writer

Asma comes with previous work experience including sales, marketing, and several years of writing fictional stories, poems, and informative articles in her spare time. She has gained support as a writer from Wattpad creating a worldwide network of readers. Her passion for creativity and knowledge allows her to create informative and compelling content for our artists, blog, social media, and other articles. She also brings her digital skills to use by managing our website and social media platforms


BBA, Rosary College of Commerce and Arts

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Gregory McCrostie (he/him)

Artist Consultant

Gregory comes with experience in managing charity art projects and exhibitions which equips him with a distinct perception of the art industry and artists. Furthermore, his passion for climate art and photography allows him to see the world through an artistic lens. His skills as a former co-curator and project manager help him assist artists in their career development and support the endeavours of collectors and galleries. As someone with a creative background, Gregory builds strong relationships with artists and introduces Artiste Culture to the British market


BA Art History, University of Glasgow

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Nina Bohata (she/her)

Content Writer and Artist Consultant

Nina comes with an intriguing background in music, film production and branding. During her spare time, she also maintains a music blog that has equipped her with excellent writing skills over time. She uses her journalistic approach to interview artists and write engaging newsletters and captivating blog pieces and articles for Artiste Culture. To check out her work, you can view her blog here


BA (Hons) Film, Media and Journalism, University of Stirling 

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Anwar Shaikh (he/him)

Accountant and Central Repository Manager

Anwar comes with experience in market-driven research which helps him with client acquisition and generate data to assist with marketing services and database management. Alongside his research, he contributes to Artiste Culture by maintaining records of costing, services and company accounts


B.Com in Financial Accounting, Rosary College of Commerce and Arts 

Black Fabric

Are you passionate about contemporary art and would like to gain experience in the field? We are constantly looking for talented collaborators around the world. Write to us at with your resume and we will be in contact shortly!

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