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Our Projects

To assist artists and art galleries in achieving their outreach goals, Artiste Culture has facilitated projects in collaboration with institutions and brands. 

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We are thrilled to announce that three of our represented artists Savya Jain, Darshil Rupareliya and Nicola Barth have been selected to exhibit at World Art Dubai this year. 

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It is our pleasure to announce that our artist Vince Briffa is exhibiting at the Heritage Gallery in London as he debuts his new series of works under the concept 'Marginalia' from April 8th to May 10th, 2024.


We are delighted to announce our represented artist Savya Jain's participation at the New York Art Expo 2024 by Redwood Art Group at the Convention Centre in Manhattan, New York from April 4th to 7th 2024. 


Our represented artist Savya Jain has been selected to exhibit at Art on Loop Berlin at the on-site digital The Holy Art Gallery based in Berlin, Germany. 


Artiste Culture was honoured to collaborate with ZeeArts for the third edition of the Mauritius International Art Fair (MIAF) to relay our editorial expertise. The fair also featured our artist Savya Jain.


Artiste Culture is excited to announce 'Art & Aromas' an open call for artists all over India to showcase their works at Cafe Rasa for a period of three months. 


Artiste Culture is excited to announce the release of Off The Clock With Artists. The mixer aims to extend support to emerging artists from all around.


Artiste Culture is delighted to announce the release of 'Rainbow Campaign' which will amplify the talent and diversity of art professionals that South Africa has to offer


As part of our efforts to extend our gratitude toward Serendipity Arts Festival for organising the event in Goa, Nurall in collaboration with Cafe Rasa and Artiste Culture is hosting an evening 'Nurall Connect' for artists, art enthusiasts and professionals.


To create a more diverse and equal exhibition environment. Artiste Culture organised a virtual exhibition called The Artist Story 


Artiste Culture in collaboration with partner XenceLabs organised a virtual exhibition called “Opposites Attract”


Artiste Culture in collaboration with Digital Transformations Hub Nottingham University organised a workshop 

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