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The artworld is filled with diverse platforms,

opportunities, disciplines and markets.

There are endless approaches that can be

adopted flourish as an artist. With the world

going digital and blurring the geographical

boundaries, the prospects can be overwhelming

for aspiring artists.

The journey, ambition and artistic vision for

artists are distinct. What works well for one artist

might be completely disastrous for the other,

therefore, it is essential to understand the artistic

style, ambition and vision emerging artists have

for themselves.

Artiste Culture is a project that guides artists to

achieve their goals in the most effective ways.

Using the experience, global network, art trends

and insights, we create effective strategies for

the artist to get exposure to distinct cultures,

markets and collectors.

Through multiple conversations and interviews,

we gain a deeper understanding of the artistic

path and vision for their career. This research

and information results in the document that

illustrates a potential approach for the artist.



In the last few years I have had the opportunity to work for various art firms to onboard artists, collaborate for corporate art projects, manage a privately owned contemporary art museum and write for art columns and publications. This experience introduced me to the various fields within the art industry. I developed skills to navigate through the art market which

resulted in Artiste Culture. Once an artist expresses an interest, we request for details so that we can research and create a potential plan. A consultation is scheduled with the artist to discuss the goals and explore possibilities. This conversation helps us in getting a deep insight into the artist’s journey which enables us in creating a tailored strategy. This is followed by a document highlighting a possible path, opportunities and our advice.

Documentation and Outreach

While approaching a collector or an art

space, it is crucial to present a well written

and illustrated document that narrates the

artist's journey, statement, inspirations and

unique artistic style. Therefore, given our

experience of engaging with collectors, art

galleries, museums and publications, we

have the knowledge and expertise in

creating an effective document that

represents the artist.

We write to relevant art, design and

architectural magazines requesting to

share the works in print/digitally.


Based on the artist's technique, style and

apparition, we offer to research potential

art grants, residencies, exhibitions, fairs and

other art opportunities that an artist

pursue. We keep ourselves updated with

the emerging art trends and industry news.

We assist the artist through the application

and documentation process.

Our Artists:

Brian Ord.jpeg
Nicola Barth.jpg
Vince Briffa.jpg

Brian Ord (he/him)
Instagram | Website

Vince Briffa (he/him)
Instagram | Website

Nicola Barth (she/her)
Frankfurt, Germany
Instagram | Website

Brian appropriates his 2 and 3-dimensional works by arranging objects, images, cards, and photographs from sourced art in the media and public domain. The material may have originally belonged to someone else, but he claims them as his own by restructuring and reappropriating them.

Vince combines elements of digital media and traditional art to communicate his concept of aesthetic contemporary art. His art incorporates various aspects of sociology, advertising, film studies, literature, and philosophy in addition to his general concept.

Nicola picked up her brush to explain her complex feelings in the visual language of painting. Through the use of oil and graphite, she captures metamorphic processes in non-obvious areas. She paints to express her feelings and inclination to understand what she cannot through a fusion of photography and painting.

Gaia Adduccio.jpg

Gaia Adducchio (she/her)
Rome, Italy
Instagram | Website

Gaia uses analogue photography and generates gelatin silver prints on baryta paper. Her photographs incorporate a black and white theme to evoke a sense of aesthetics. 


Sam Haynes (she/her)
Instagram | Website

Sam works with rhythmic and systematic geometrical structures to be combined with softer and flexible elements delivering a simple art piece with significant meaning to it. She combines different structured elements with the use of light, colour, and shadow.

Akshita Gandhi.jpeg

Akshita Gandhi (she/her)
Mumbai, India
Instagram | Website

Akshita works with different mediums with her base as photography to convey messages on social concerns and dystopian reality. She likes to experiment by exceeding the boundaries of technical rules of art to create an immersive experience of eternity for a viewer on a canvas.


Parul Mehra (she/her)


Instagram | Website

Parul is mainly interested in abstract imagery explored through acrylic paintings and mixed media pieces. She experiments with and depicts patterns and textures, and current issues in her life.


Sri Aditya (he/him)
Chennai, India
Instagram | Website

Aditya's art centres around the dynamic play of light and darkness, a blend of neutral colour schemes and geometric patterns. With the newfound digital space acquired for launching art, his endeavours have been to promote art designs and patterns as non-fungible tokens and unique currencies.


Veronika Kyrychenko (she/her)


Instagram | Website

Veronika uses painting to express her understanding of human personality and its evolving journeys. Her paintings communicate euphoria, anxiety, calm, anger, depression, sadness, happiness, and pride showing life in its true form.

Veronika was represented by Artiste Culture for a period of 6 months.

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-28 at 2.38.15 PM.jpeg

Darshil Rupareliya (he/him)
Goa, India
Instagram | Website

Darshil uses pen on paper as a medium to cultivate geometric form, lines, and shapes to ignite the strength for self-discovery, optimism, and contentment. His work imbibes his philosophies of life and the cultures of regions in India.


Pinki Ray Ghosh (she/her)
Jharkhand, India

Pinki’s abstract and semi-abstract paintings are inclusive of brilliant colours through the use of oil, acrylic, oil paints, textures, traditional colours, and transcription on paint. Her artworks communicate mysticism, human strength, mythological beings, and tales and explore a woman’s relationship with nature.


Savya Jain (she/her)
New Delhi, India

Savya drives inspiration from her travels, nature and nostalgia which helps her document her feelings associated with the views and areas on a canvas using a symbolic and distinct colour palette that radiates positivity, camaraderie and joy among her viewers


Melanie Royster (she/her)
Maryland, US
Instagram | Website

Melanie creates paintings that narrate stories of women of colour, like herself. She is committed to helping women share their experiences and stories through her art.


Rainbow Mosho (she/her)
Tennessee, US
Instagram | Website

Rainbow, a 12-year-old girl with autism, creates digital drawings of her different varying emotions, including some light-hearted happy feelings and some more difficult, tragic issues such as PTSD, OCD and grief. She hopes to help spread awareness of artists with disabilities.