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Off The Clock With Artists

Edition V




New York

Artiste Culture is delighted to announce the fifth edition of "Off The Clock," scheduled for April 4th, 2024, at 8:30 PM (IST) in New York. We extend a cordial invitation to visual artists from all around the world who are interested in leveraging their careers in the vibrant New York art scene to participate in this dynamic edition of our esteemed event.

This distinctive event will be hosted virtually, providing artists from all around the world with the opportunity to showcase their talents and connect with fellow creatives. The virtual art mixer will take place on Google Meet at the scheduled time.

The event aims to celebrate the diversity and innovation within the New York art community, offering invaluable support to emerging artists practising various art mediums in addition to providing insights into navigating the New York art industry. Artists will have the chance to interact with industry experts who can provide solutions to challenges and offer guidance for career growth.

How To Participate:

To participate in this exclusive event, kindly submit your portfolio on or before February 16th, 2024. The selection process will identify three pieces from each selected artist which can be showcased during the event. Selected participants will be announced on our Instagram stories and simultaneously contacted by our team. The Google Meet details will be shared with the selected participants two working days before the event.



Selected artists are required to pay an application fee of $28 within two days of receiving the invoice from the team.


Why You Should Participate:

As an artist, the fifth edition of "Off The Clock" presents a unique opportunity to express your stories, thoughts, and backgrounds through various art mediums. The virtual mixer aims to showcase how artists from diverse backgrounds communicate through vibrant artworks and beautiful techniques.


Your artworks have the chance to be the highlight of the event, reaching beyond your studio to gain exposure and connect with your audience. Networking opportunities abound, allowing you to engage with experts and fellow creatives who bring diverse perspectives to the New York art scene.


"Off The Clock With Artists" serves as a platform for emerging artists seeking guidance to propel their careers forward. Seize this opportunity to discover potential collaborators and build an audience that will inspire you throughout your artistic journey.

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