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South Africa

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Artiste Culture is pleased to be reaching out to South African visual artists for the third edition of “Off The Clock” taking place on the 18th of March 2023. For the first time, the event is to be hosted virtually allowing artists far and wide throughout South Africa to partake. The art mixer will be hosted on Google Meet from 4:30 PM

This virtual event will celebrate the diversity and talent that South African visual artists have to offer with an aim to support emerging artists. During the interactive event, artists will have the opportunity to showcase their artworks as well as discuss their career challenges and future goals with our team. Within the session, our team will offer assistance and potential strategies in order to aid you in your artist journey. The event is also an opportunity to connect with other South African artists and potentially collaborate with our global network of industry professionals. 


How To Participate: 

You are required to submit a portfolio by the 13th of March. We will undergo a selection process in which 15 applicants will be selected for the event. Three pieces from each selected applicant will be displayed at our virtual exhibition. The Google Meet details will be shared with selected applicants.




Application fee for selected artists: R 230 

Application fee for early bird selected artists: R 180


Why You Should Participate:

As an artist, you will be able to communicate distinct stories, thoughts and backgrounds through different mediums of art. The mixer is aimed at showing their audience how artists from diverse backgrounds communicate through vivacious artworks using beautiful techniques.

Your artworks have a chance at moving out of your studio to be the highlight of the event. From gaining exposure to networking with your viewers who will share with you various perspectives drawn from your work, this mixer is a room full of opportunities.

Off The Clock With Artists is a platform for artists who love to express themselves by adding rhythm to their colours, textures and forms that create a piece worth admiration and attention. This is a great opportunity to come across potential collaborators and build an audience that will motivate you throughout your artistic journey.

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