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Mauritius International Art Fair

Vivea Business Park, Moka, Mauritius
In Collaboration With

Artiste Culture's recent collaboration with Zee Arts for the prestigious Mauritius International Art Fair marked a significant milestone in the world of contemporary art. With a shared vision for promoting cultural exchange and fostering artistic dialogue, the dynamic partnership enhanced the overall appeal of the event. Notably, the Artiste Culture team played a pivotal role in elevating the event's impact through their expert editorial contributions.


The Mauritius International Art Fair was organised from 27th to 30th September 2023 at Vivea Business Park, Moka, Mauritius. Among the array of talented artists showcased at the event, one standout presence was Savya Jain, an esteemed artist hailing from India. Her captivating artwork titled "Surrounded" mesmerized the audience with its exploration of its rich historical context and profound symbolism. Jain's distinctive style, characterized by intricate detailing and a nuanced use of colour, served as a powerful testament to her artistic prowess and imaginative depth.

The work ‘Surrounded’, portrays hues of black, brown and grey converge to evoke the intricate embrace of our past. Amidst the muted backdrop, vibrant globules float, defying the monotony, These bursts of colour symbolise the unyielding spirit of human progress and the illumination of our future. The interplay between the sombre and the vivid mirrors our complex relationship with history and hope. 'Surrounded' invites contemplation on how the past, represented by the dominant shapes envelops us, while the hints of brightness inspire us to transcend its constraints.

The collaborative efforts between Artiste Culture and Zee Arts underscored a shared commitment to fostering an inclusive and vibrant global art community. By facilitating the seamless integration of diverse artistic expressions and facilitating meaningful cultural exchanges, this collaboration significantly enriched the experience of the Mauritius International Art Fair, leaving an indelible mark on the global art landscape.

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