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Savya Jain Exhibition With The Holy Art Gallery - Art on Loop

The Holy Art Gallery, Torstraße 101, Berlin, Germany
In Collaboration With
Our represented artist Savya Jain, an India-based artist, was selected to exhibit at Art on Loop Berlin at the on-site digital The Holy Art Gallery based in Berlin, Germany. During the event, the artist displayed her work at Torstraße 101, Berlin, Germany from 21st to 23rd December 2023. Her work is titled “State of Mind”.
A person's state of mind is an amalgam of several thoughts and feelings flowing together uniformly. Savya's 'State of Mind' is part of the 'Emotional Oasis' series. Influenced by external factors, a person could be confused about feelings they should feel in the moment. In a fleeting moment, tranquility gives way to an abrupt surge of overwhelmingly negative emotions. In a convoluted state reminiscent of our minds, the artist portrayed these emotions with various symbolic colours representing her technique. We invite you to join Savya Jain and indulge yourselves in her artistic brilliance, inspiration and conversation.
About Savya Jain:
Savya Jain is a New Delhi-based artist from India. She developed her dynamic artistic style during the course of her practice, which is significantly visible in her works. Savya draws inspiration from her travels and the natural world, which enables her to capture her current emotions in relation to the scenic views and situations on a canvas using a symbolic colour scheme. ​​By using mixed media, she has been able to present her ideas in a visually pleasing and beguiling manner.
About Artiste Culture:

Artiste Culture was founded as a virtual research-driven project with a remotely established team of professionals worldwide that aims to provide artists and gallerists with the tools and opportunities they need to negotiate the art industry successfully. They work behind the scenes and help with not only outreach but also documentation and publication while the artists can focus on their art. The project offers tailored strategies for each artist, connects them with gallerists and collectors for collaborations, and exhibits their works in museums and galleries internationally.
About The Holy Art:

The Holy Art Gallery has rapidly gained recognition as a leading force in the contemporary and modern art scene, both locally and internationally.  As a group of galleries, with locations in London, New York and Athens, they specialise in curating art exhibitions and art fairs both in the UK and internationally.
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