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DTH Nottingham: Digitalise or Die

DTH Nottingham University
Artiste Culture in collaboration with Digital Transformations Hub Nottingham University organised a workshop for students, creators and professionals to analyse the importance of adapting to a constantly evolving art world. 
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About DTH Nottingham:
Digital Transformation Hub Nottingham is open to faculty and students of the Arts department to offer assistance, support, research and education on digital content and software.
Artiste Culture announced its partnership with DTH Nottingham with a mission to explore the constantly evolving realm of digital art and their respective experiences.
The Workshop:
The virtual workshop was conducted on 16th February 2022. Art students and faculty actively participated in the insightful workshop hosted by artists Dr. Vince Briffa and Gaia Adduchio along with coordinator Lu Zhang and Founder Sunaina Misra. The speakers spoke about their ideas of digitising art, soft art, cinema and art, unique ideals of creation and their respective experiences.
With the ever-evolving art world and the advancement of techniques and digital tools, the workshop aimed to garner the attention of art students, clear their motives for the digital world and create a safe space to explore their rhythms in art. 
Through an interactive workshop, artists, faculty and students shared their experiences and concerns regarding digital art. Solutions and suggestions were provided for making the digital world more user-friendly.
The speakers also discussed the transition of artists from traditional art to digital art and their experiences in the process. Participants received guidance on how they can develop themselves in the field of digital art, network with potential galleries and collectors and sell on the right platforms as professional artists. 
Additionally, the speakers stressed the importance of working with an agent so they can devote their time to art and have all the prerequisites met. 
The workshop was a well-organised guide for participants who look forward to being digital artists in future. Since it’s an ever-growing space for artists to explore and learn from, guidance and education when delving into something new are imperative to avoid negative outcomes. When used rightly, it can help an artist avoid obstacles and reach success. The workshop’s aim was accomplished by participants benefitting from the knowledge. Participants looked forward to implementing it in their emerging careers as digital artists. 
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