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Nurall Connect

Cafe Rasa, Panjim, Goa, India
In Collaboration With
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As part of our efforts to extend our gratitude toward Serendipity Arts Festival for organising the event in Goa, Nurall in collaboration with Cafe Rasa and Artiste Culture is hosting an evening 'Nurall Connect' for artists, art enthusiasts and professionals. The event will be held at Cafe Rasa, Panjim, Goa on the 20th of December 2022 at 07:30 PM.
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Serendipity Arts Festival is known to celebrate artists from all around the world that contributes to the global zeal it presents.
Celebrating artists from all over the world who contribute to the global exuberance it exhibits is a highlight of the Serendipity Arts Festival. In a similar spirit, Nurall Connect seeks to host a gathering where guests can interact in addition to a live music event and live artist station.
Visitors will also get the chance to meet artists and watch them paint at the artist station while enjoying some live music.
A dynamic community of creative people and the entertainment the event offers are open to artists, patrons, enthusiasts and professionals in the art world.

In addition, Nurall Connect is a great opportunity for artists looking forward to connecting with industry professionals and potential collaborators. Additionally, collectors and patrons will have the opportunity to interact with artists from all over Goa with strong narratives and works that communicate diversity.
Nurall Connect will only host visitors with invitations. Visitors are required to confirm their attendance by clicking RSVP below.
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