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5 Art Photographers to Watch

Artiste Culture has been honoured to support art photographers and explore their motivational stories that took photographic forms and spoke volumes to their viewers. We have collaborated with these career art photographers, representing distinct cultures, demographics and techniques that will captivate you at first glance. These are 5 rising art photographers that you need to watch this week.

Gaia Adduccio, Rome, Italy

Known for her black and white aesthetic, Gaia Adducchio surprised her audience when she released her Polaroid Blooming series in 2019. The photographs incorporated immersive textures, forms and importantly vibrant use of colours which were generated through analogue and digital means. She exhibited this series in various international exhibitions and won a Merit Award in Berlin for it. It was also recently exhibited in Salon d’Automne in February 2022 in Paris second time in a row.

Abstract Fine Art Photography
Polaroid Blooming Untitled 57, Fine Art Print, Gaia Adduccio