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5 Art Photographers to Watch

Artiste Culture has been honoured to support art photographers and explore their motivational stories that took photographic forms and spoke volumes to their viewers. We have collaborated with these career art photographers, representing distinct cultures, demographics and techniques that will captivate you at first glance. These are 5 rising art photographers that you need to watch this week.

Gaia Adduccio, Rome, Italy

Known for her black and white aesthetic, Gaia Adducchio surprised her audience when she released her Polaroid Blooming series in 2019. The photographs incorporated immersive textures, forms and importantly vibrant use of colours which were generated through analogue and digital means. She exhibited this series in various international exhibitions and won a Merit Award in Berlin for it. It was also recently exhibited in Salon d’Automne in February 2022 in Paris second time in a row.

Abstract Fine Art Photography
Polaroid Blooming Untitled 57, Fine Art Print, Gaia Adduccio

Akshita Gandhi, Mumbai, India

India is Akshita’s most divine muse. The artist looks up to the cultures, philosophies, and transitioning ethos to create authentic images that mirror its savours. India has a gorgeous sense of mysticism and mystery. Gandhi propagates these influences and ponders in her photographic works and mixed mediums. She has showcased her art in India, Miami, London, and Hong Kong among others. Her admiration for the creative forces in the art universe keeps inspiring her to take leaps of faith with her art projects.

Mumbai Street Photography
Pincode ~ The Apocalypse, Fine Art Photography, Akshita Gandhi

Shimon and Tammar Rothstein, New York, US

The husband and wife duo carved a name for themselves as specialists in Choreographic photography. Their focus on intricate details of a certain piece helps them generate beautiful images with complete perspective. Their concept and display of impeccable final shots landed them collaborations with world-renowned advertising agencies with their work also making its way into leading publications and magazines. Specialising in still life, food, liquid, lifestyle, commercial and editorial photography, their photographs have garnered attention and admiration worldwide.

Conceptual Photography
Migration, Fine Art Print, Shimon and Tammar Rothstein

Sam Haynes

A sculptor by profession, Haynes’ photography has charmed her audience worldwide. Her photography plays a pivotal role in the presentation of her sculptures, assemblage and installations. Haynes’ audience enjoys a unique demonstration of rigid materials and grid structures collaborating with delicate, softer and flexible elements to form systemic designs. Her photographs display a rhythmic blend of colour, structure, and shadows in perfect fusion with her sculpture and installations. With her photographs illustrating a unique portrayal of art with a combination of opposites, Haynes has gained recognition all around the world.

Abstract Art Photography
Brace Yourself, Fine Art Print, Sam Haynes

Tarunima Sen

From capturing the nuances of daily life for passion to capturing cultural essences and non-obvious details in life as a professional photographer, Tarunima Sen is gaining recognition all around the world. Her photographs give a real sense of the diversity of cultures and the overlooked details of everyday life in cities. Her photos reflect vivid colours in an atmospheric setting. The details draw attention to the surrounding environment and emotions of people involved in their daily lives. Each of her photographs tells a story, and she aims to get the viewers to explore them from a different perspective.

India Street Photography
Cochin Backwater Boats, Fine Art Print, Tarunima Sen

Artiste Culture is an international Art Consultancy focussed on connecting emerging and established artists with collectors and galleries at a global scale. We are seeking photographers to take part in our first Art Photography Catalogue which we are producing this year. The goal of this catalogue is to provide an in focus view on rising styles and trends in photography for use by collectors and galleries.

Artists who take part in this catalogue can expect their work to receive international exposure to our established contacts in the art world. The published works will be circulated within the contemporary art industry including collectors, curators and galleries.

We are dedicated to helping collectors explore cultures and artists from around the world. We encourage them to acquire art that narrates a powerful story, created by an inspiring artist. Art Photographers with distinct styles who produce strong narratives through their work will be featured in the catalogue alongside articles and editorials by collectors, curators and photography enthusiasts.

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