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We welcome you to experience art and its ability to adapt and develop. It has been the underlying consensus of our upcoming digital exhibition, it’s incredibly important because what would assume that the pandemic had hindered artists globally, yet it has proven that it can be utilised in the name of art. To bring those from different cultures, backgrounds and genres. Our focus is to globalise young artists and their interactions to expose the public to the cultures and widen their stance on the world, which is impossible without the current events of our time. It is an opportunity to allow those to flourish where they may have not been able to prior, and we do so through an equal and diverse environment that will be presented within our exhibition. In a time of crisis, there is a level of healing that can come from presenting one another’s experiences and cultures through art.

‘Art can get people away from the crisis, take our imagination away to other places, more beautiful and safer. Art reminds people of the beauty of our world. Hence, people somehow never stopped making, or consuming art.’

– Lu Zhang, Artist Consultant

When looking into this we have to ask ourselves what is the reason for this exhibition? Perhaps as curators we have a responsibility to build a new genre of exhibitions in which the boundaries are not limited, where the viewer can be more impressionable, can take their time to absorb the art and interact to their full potential. The guard is essentially down, when it comes to displaying things online, there is a level of vulnerability that is at risk when it comes to artists putting themselves out there completely for those who wish to receive it, and that in itself is extremely brave and monumental in an artist’s growth, it is considered an establishment of themselves and more, so it is an extremely useful platform to convey their art in the most effective way. It is crucial to see the younger generation of artists revolutionise the art industry and create a voice and an environment for those to come.

‘In light of the pandemic, the number of online shows has increased with barely any emphasis on the journey of the artist. We predominantly work with artists and help them identify opportunities of personal growth globally. We not only showcase works by career artists from around the world but also narrate their stories to the audiences. Whether it's programs, talks and workshops to give artists and galleries global exposure to distinct art cultures. this is exposure they truly deserve, without getting lost in a pool of thousands of participants.’

– Sunaina Misr, Founder of Artiste Culture

We have collected an extremely diverse set of Artists that are able to convey their cultures in the most spectacular way. Emphasis on diversity is due to the lack of representation within the art scene, the move away from ethnocentric norms and challenging the colonial aspects that are sometimes embedded within art history. To tackle issues of identity, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality and language holistically is imperative for the future generation of artists. The spectrum of art should not be limited, it’s colourful and boundless, with a team filled with young and diverse individuals, we aim to reflect this at a greater level with our exhibition, it is our essence and our responsibility to show how effective it can be when creating a melting pot of inclusivity, diversity and equality.

So we encourage you to be an active participant in what is considerably a movement, and become part of a picture that is beyond you and me. Representing the essentialism of humanity in art. 30th April to 30th June 2021, spectate, indulge and grow.

If you feel our programs are something that may interest you, please contact us for more information:


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