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An Integration of Dimensions

Artists have depicted worlds with an otherworldly yet charming environment in a variety of ways, paving the way for the desire to explore these lands and escape reality. However, these worlds are not very different from the ones we live in. Everything from the environment to the beings involved holds similarities with reality with a hint of supernatural. What if these dimensional worlds were not different from ours at all? Can they be merged subtly and yet be different?

Brian Ord makes this element of merging dimensional worlds possible. He appropriates his 2 and 3-dimensional works by assembling objects, images, cards, and photographs from sourced art acquired from media and public domains. His artwork is a fusion of acquired objects and materials rearranged and reappropriated to create a cohesive work. His works comment on social structures, terrains, and utopias while displaying beauty, routines, and fantasies.

The Sirens, Digital Print, Oil Paint and Resin on Canvas

While the unified illustration is evident in many of his works, the concept of a beautiful collision of worlds is apparent in his work “The Sirens” which portrays an indisputable integration of scenes from different places. “The Sirens” coalesces contrasting behaviours, identities and apprehensions to display a unified visual which gives a vibe of serenity, recreation and retreat. The colour blue which is most associated with water in this context is used to portray bliss and radiate positively calming energies that give joy to the viewers. Both the colour blue and the element of water are proven energisers which were illustrated by the artist in an impeccable fashion.

However, the artist does not only merge objects and available materials but also uses oil paint over them to create a smooth transition between the two different materials used. This method gives a perfect illusion.

Hjem, Digital Print, Oil Paint and Resin on Canvas

From the perfect illusion of a single infrastructure with a combination of modern interiors to the illusion of a fantasy a viewer can escape to, his works have cultivated the vibe of joy and the vibe of escapism in the minds of viewers. His work “Hjem” delivers the desire to travel to an unknown domestic utopia. The artist has featured lanes and pathways with a fantastical destination at the end which encourages viewers to travel and explore the magic of the realm. The artist uses warm and sunny colours that communicate warmth, comfort and the desire for an exciting journey. Brian enjoys delivering positive vibes of joy and warmth through his works. He makes his viewers seek retreat in his works as they wish to escape from the realities and delve into never-ending fantasies created by an artist.


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