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Featuring A Live Painting Session and Exhibition By Undra Uphoff

Art Legal's curatorial division, Kimberly Babin Arts Advisory, is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of The Collector's Club, an art community membership for passionate art collectors, artists, patrons, and art enthusiasts. We invite you to join us for the Premier Collector's Club Launch Event, featuring a live painting session and exhibition by artist Undra Uphoff. This art experience will take place on 14th July from 6-9 pm, where attendees can expect an art exhibition of live art, music, community, and captivating conversations with artists, collectors, art enthusiasts, and professionals.

The Collector's Club is a vibrant and diverse club that is devoted to the arts. Our mission is to constantly seek new ways to inspire and delight our members, creating an unparalleled environment where art, culture, and the finest aspects of life seamlessly converge. We invite art collectors, artists, investors, enthusiasts, and art professionals to join The Collector's Club and become part of this dynamic artistic community.

The Premier Collector's Club Launch Event will offer an imaginative and breathtaking experience. Guests will have the unique opportunity to witness Undra Uphoff, a contemporary artist, create captivating artwork live. Undra's creativity is sure to inspire and leave a lasting impression. This event promises to be an immersive art show, filled with live art, music, and an ambience that sparks conversation and connections.

Limited tickets are available for £55 for non-members. However, as a Collector's Club Member, you can enjoy complimentary access to this exclusive event. Membership offers a range of benefits, including exclusive art previews, curated art experiences, artist meet and greets, private art consultations, and much more. To become a Collector's Club Member or purchase tickets, please click here.

We also invite interested parties to contact us for sponsorship opportunities. By sponsoring The Collector's Club Premier Launch Event, you can showcase your support for the arts and gain exposure to a discerning audience of art collectors, investors, enthusiasts, and professionals.

Join us for an unforgettable evening of art, community, and inspiration. Together, let's shape the future of the art world.

About Art Legal:

Art Legal addresses the challenges and complexities of the art industry by providing ethical art advisement, consulting, and transactions on an international scale. With a commitment to integrity, Art Legal demystifies the ever-changing art market and law, offering transparent expertise to empower and support art professionals and stands as a leader in art consulting, luxury assets management, and advisement, serving a diverse range of clients and sharing expertise in Luxury, Fashion, and Art Market Insights. Art Legal is the leader in art consulting, luxury assets management, and advisement. We work with expert advisors, consultants, legal counselors, and curators to serve individuals, non-profits, museums, corporations, collectors, artists, and other art institutions and share our expertise in Luxury, Fashion, and Art Market Insights.

Kimberly Babin Arts advisory is Art Legal's Curatorial Division. We help individuals and companies select, curate, acquire, develop, and display fine art, fashion, and luxury assets in meaningful and authentic ways that provide the aesthetic and ambience they want to experience. We believe in the emotional, cultural, and financial power of collecting, responsibly.

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