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Parul Mehra. Abstract, but not Abstracted

Parul Mehra started her creative process as an architect. Soon after, however, the study of colours and spaces took Mehra to explore new dimensions until reaching the artistic expression that characterizes her artworks today.

Magical Synergies. Size: 16” * 8” (each panel). Medium: Mixed media on canvas board Retrieved from: MAGICAL SYNERGIES | Parul Mehra

Having first showcased her works in Arpana Caur’s Gallery in New Delhi, Mehra counts over 30 international exhibitions and is now also a member of the National Gallery of Singapore, where she currently resides.

Although she acknowledges the importance of questioning the real world, Mehra’s work is marked by an almost evasive positive attitude that radiates from each and every work of hers. In Mehra’s paintings, abstract landscapes coexist with suggested figurative symbols, bringing her work halfway between vigil and dreams, all under a strong, colorful and bright pallet. Her projects are flexible and, rather than showcasing thematic compositions, every painting becomes a scene of it’s own, allowing the spectator to sun and submerge into the oneiric landscapes and the masses of pure color. By looking at Mehra’s works, we can enter the artist’s dreams to find not only her own worlds, but possibly, to recognize shared oneiric experiences.

Old Souls & the Energy Matrix. Size: 6” * 6”. Medium: Mixed media on canvas board. Retrieved from: OLD SOULS & THE ENERGY MATRIX | Parul Mehra

Being herself a hindu and living in a predominantly buddhist country, the concept of “spirituality” is very much present in Mehra’s both work and creative process, parallel to both an almost meditative state of mind while performing.

Parul’s own creative process is influenced by this deeper, almost unconscious dimension. In the words of the artist:

My art is an expression of my dreams, my world in bright hues[…] When I paint, it’s in a meditative state of if in a trance....

The 4 Dream Flakes. Size : 21.5” * 17”. Medium : Mixed Media on paper (double mounted & framed with glass). Retrieved from: THE 4 DREAM FLAKES | Parul Mehra

The poetic reflection of Parul Mehra’s works allows us to wander through dynamic compositions, where however, freedom to explore does not equate a composition left to chance, where vivid and bright colors don’t fall to randomness and stridency, but all parts flow consistently together, just like the longest of dreams.

The Dream Swim. Size : 36” * 36” Medium : Acrylics on canvas. Retrieved from: THE DREAM SWIM | Parul Mehra

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