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We love exploring stories. Every artist has a distinct journey and a beautiful story that helps

them evolve. We interacted with one such artist. Veronika's personal story is as enticing as

the stories narrated through her artworks. We had the opportunity to interact with her and get

an insight on her journey as an artist...

Why do you choose abstraction as a form of expression?

I think it is quite natural to us to enjoy looking at the transformation of a colour.

Historically, art had a subordinate role, almost an illustrating function. Text and word used

to be of importance. The rational would maintain its place between a viewer and a piece

of art, distracting from the intuitive reaction, feeling of colour and movement. In my

opinion nothing like abstraction allows an artist to capture a complicity of the inner and

external world of a person. All the context that is lost between words, everything we feel

but we cannot express. Abstract art is free from shapes and words. It gives freedom of self

expression to both the artist and the spectators.

Texture, Oil on Canvas

How has your practice evolved over the years?

I started painting inspired by the idea of anthroposophy by Rudolf Steiner and a painting

style inspired by him. The idea of “feeling of colour” has stunned me many years ago and I

have started studying the lifecycle of colours. I've been magnetized by colours, a

transformation, relation between one another, the adventurous evolution of colour within

a painting, it's dynamics and shape formation. In parallel I have been advancing in

practicing psychology by introducing art therapy in my sessions with clients. Often I

realised that people are more precise in painting the situation or a problem they ended up

with, rather than expressing it through words. Eventually I started to practice ways to

release my own emotional state through colours, evolving my techniques, compositions.

Mindfulness, Oil on Canvas

Talk us through the textures and vibrancy of your works.

I want every painting of mine to breathe, to live its own rhythm, play its own music. I never

think of a final result, it just happens that some works are smooth and others are a bit

more abrupt. I guess they just reflect my state of mind in a moment of painting.

Abstract 324, Oil on Canvas

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