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Veronika Kyrychenko is an abstract artist focused on representing the emotional state of a

person through the evolvement of colour and experimentative painting techniques. When

working as a therapist Veronica learned to release the personalities of her clients, their

worries and perspectives with their art. Her abstract pieces are focused on unlocking

complex mental states, denied passions and refreshing the forgotten memories. But above

all her art allows one to accept one’s inner world as it is. The stories of heartbreak,

childhood traumas, insecurities and phobias developed heavy weight in the artist's mind

that eventually found its way to be expressed on canvas.

Understood Backwards, Oil on Canvas

Veronika´s art is her way to accept the world as it is. She reveals her understanding of

human personality and its evolving journeys. Drawing inspiration from her extensive travels

and the stories told by her clients, Veronica pushes the boundaries of traditional art letting

herself be fully guided by her feelings. Without a word, in her paintings Veronica explores

the limits of human emotion through colours, communicating euphoria, anxiety, anger,

calm, depression, sadness, happiness and pride.

The Summer One, Oil on Canvas

Veronika was born in a small village in the Ural Mountains, to a Ukrainian family of a

soldier and a seamstress. The family returned to Ukraine in 1972 where they have lived ever

since. She received her first BA and then PhD in Biology. In 2004 she obtained her second

BA in Psychology and was later qualified as a therapist. She applied art therapy in her

sessions with children and adults; exploring ways to use art as a tool to help people to

release their emotions. Eventually, art became her own way of processing and reflecting

on the stories she encountered daily. Without formal art education, her style matured as

innovative, honest and unbiased. Her work transmits very strong sentiments that can

deeply touch even the most indifferent viewer. Veronika encourages openness and

acceptance, insisting on finding beauty in every moment of life.

Inner world of a person is impossible to describe in words. I see it as something abstract, before-language.
Our feelings are broader, heavier and denser than we can describe. Language only sets limits on the message we transmit when we say how we feel. This is what I'm trying to express in my art.

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