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One of Mexico's most celebrated conceptual photographers, Jvdas Berra loves narrating

tales through his photographs. Recognised as “Artist that revolutionised fashion

photography in Mexico” by Forbes, Jvdas is an unconventional storyteller.

When asked about his journey and how he explored this medium, he explained it as

completely accidental”.

The Fall of Lucifer Somnia

I started in Mexico, it just happened, I had a camera and one lens, everything is history.

During his education as a film producer, Jvdas one day decided to leave his pursuit of

academics and delve into the lens of his camera, to see the world from a different perspective.

While taking to him, to better understand his journey from a student to an art

photographer, he mentions,“Photography for me is my life, it is the means by which I can take

out all the things that inspire me and at the same time frustrate me. I can create windows to

imaginary worlds in which I would like to lose myself and get away from the mundane”.

What we find extremely fascinating and attractive about Jvdas is his extremely organic

and raw approach to a concept which results in these perfectly painted mythical pictures.

The pure fantasy projected by each photograph explains how easy it is for him to transport

the viewer to another world…away from the reality.

My creative process is very basic and fast, ideas just come and go in seconds. During my productions I already have very well defined ideas, but I always like to leave a touch of improvisation, which allows me to surprise myself when I am creating. You could say that the recipe for my artistic process is Idea + Improvisation + Surprise.

Drowning Princess Holy Grail

To capture an image, is to hold that moment forever in your palms, and keeping that in

mind Jvdas says “I have no limits, not even the sky is…"

Art has no boundaries, and neither does the lens of a camera, its only limits are those of

the photographer themselves.

In 2016, Jvdas worked on a campaign called ‘Autumn for the Elephants’ where he

combined photography, fashion and animal welfare to raise awareness about the animals

on our planet. This is an example of how Jvdas likes to use his talent and work to better

the society at large, and likes to send a message using art photography as a medium.

A message within a story captured within a lens!

Jvdas wants his work to do for the audience, what it does for him, to open up another

world, a window through which they can view the world in a different light. He expects his

art to open up new avenues to a magical place, a place where they can “shake their

emotions when they view my art”.

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