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Rainbow Campaign
Artists Based in South Africa




South Africa

We are pleased to announce our new digital campaign titled “The Rainbow Campaign” Artiste Culture is reaching out to art professionals from South Africa. The Rainbow Campaign will amplify the talent and diversity of art professionals that South Africa has to offer.

The term ‘rainbow nation’ was coined by the Late Archbishop Desmond Tutu as a reference to the newly democratic South Africa. South Africans fondly refer to themselves as the rainbow nation due to the immense diversity in cultures the country possesses. The richness and abundance of culture and wildlife has just been further expressed through the art produced within the country.

The aim of this campaign is for Artiste Culture to create interesting and informative content about the art industry in South Africa. This will be achieved through conducting interviews with South African artists and galleries to learn about their unique stories. The interviews will be published on our YouTube and in written form on our blog. This campaign will give South African art professionals a global platform to tell their stories and show their work attracting potential collectors, collaborators and patrons on an international scale. 

a colourful photograph
Who we are looking for:

Artists or gallerists based in South Africa who would like to share their art journey with our global network of art professionals. 

How to participate:

Click the button below to book an interview (at no charge.) We will facilitate a video interview for 30-35 minutes in which we will learn about your art journey. The video interview will be uploaded to our YouTube channel and our webpage. The interview content will also be used to publish a blog piece about your story.
Photograph by Leon Skrilec
This is an invaluable opportunity to grow your network and gain a larger audience. We look forward to engaging with the talent that South Africa has to offer and assisting art professionals in their growth within the art industry.
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