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The Artist Story

A Virtual Exhibition

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To create a more diverse and equal exhibition environment. Artiste Culture organised a virtual exhibition called The Artist Story held between 30th April and 30th June 2021. The exhibition was open to all contemporary visual artists from around the world.
Identity, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, and language are important and unique factors that form the artists’ stories, just like style, skills, and materials forming their artworks. The exhibition celebrated the differences but never differentiated them. It embraced plurality and diversity, respected equality and open-mindedness, and celebrated the distinct cultures and journeys of artists.

As much as artists write stories within their works, curators tell stories in exhibitions. This exhibition aimed to build a platform for both young and established artists to emerge, express, expose and elaborate by providing them with a canvas to colour, a stage to speak and a platform to network. 
Art brings forth expression, allowing rational thought to slip to the sidelines in favour of letting the imagination soar. This is why Artiste Culture, a young, multicultural art crew, called for an online art exhibition beyond the boundaries of geographies, languages, cultures, genres and media. 
The exhibition had 19 artists worldwide who were selected to exhibit their artworks to communicate their stories through their canvases. Participants participated in the exhibition and immersed themselves in the world of colours, emotions, stories, and cultures found around the world.

Our selected artists:
  1. Vanessa Sotielés
  2. Stephanie Barenz
  3. Brian Ord
  4. Anukta Mukerjee Ghosh 
  5. Shibani Vaishali Rajapurkar
  6. Huda Jamal
  7. Sun Zhenfei
  8. Liu Jianbin 
  9. Leah and Esther Wiesing
  10. Gaia Aducchio 
  11. Noora Alhashimi
  12. Arshi Sayed
  13. Melanie Royster
  14. Hui Xiaozhong
  15. Kobi Walsh
  16. Nicola Barth 
  17. Parul Mehra
  18. Sam Haynes 
  19. Francesco Ruspoli

To give a platform to diverse cultures and stories narrated through contemporary visual art forms, Artiste Culture was successful in organising the exhibition as it gave exposure to artists and their work. The exhibition was a golden platform for artists and collectors to network giving hope to new collaborations and worldwide recognition. 
While the world was still recovering from the pandemic, the exhibition was a breath of relief and a door to opportunities for artists, gallerists and collectors alike. The success of the exhibition was paramount to everyone’s efforts which contributed to the ambition of the project.
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