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World Art Dubai Featuring Savya Jain, Nicola Barth and Darshil Rupareliya


Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE 

Partnered With


May 2nd to 5th, 2024

In its much-anticipated 10th edition, World Art Dubai 2024 is returning to the Dubai World Trade Centre from May 2nd to May 5th, 2024. This premier event brings together contemporary art from around the world, offering collectors and art enthusiasts to explore diverse and authentic artworks all in one place. To further enhance the visibility of the event, World Art Dubai has formed a media partnership with Artiste Culture this year.

World Art Dubai 2024, provides a platform for artists to showcase their diverse art forms and talents, to gain the recognition they deserve from a global audience. With three of our artists Nicola Barth, Savya Jain and Darshil, showcasing their works, each utilising a distinct medium, the art fair promises a dynamic fusion of creativity. One can immerse themselves in a celebration of vibrant artistry, where colours, concepts and expressions converge to elevate the art experience. Take advantage of this opportunity to witness creativity at its finest!

Introduction To Our Artists Participating At World Art Dubai

Artist Portrait 8.png

Artist: Nicola Barth

Meet Her At: Stand W08

Germany-based artist Nicola Barth, situated near Frankfurt am Main, ignites observers into a realm beyond the tangible, where painting, sculpture and photography intertwine. Her work navigates themes of transformation, language and space, echoing wonder into identity, estrangement, and the human condition. Each piece propels an observer to embark on a voyage through the intricate fabric of existence, where boundaries dissolve and complexities unravel, inviting interpretation in a mesmerising dance of the seen and unseen. 

Artist: Savya Jain

Meet Her At: Stand W09

New Delhi-based Indian artist, Savya Jain draws inspiration from her personal experiences, emotions and travels. While external influences contribute to her palette and imagery, her art transcends mere representation, delving into the realm of the present moment. By using mixed media, the artist uses one brushstroke method to blend intelligent hues that fuse to evoke immense passion, joy and positivity whilst narrating stories that resonate with her viewers.

Artist: Darshil Rupareliya

Meet Him At: Stand W07

Hailing from the state of Gujarat in India, Darshil embarked on his creative journey influenced by architecture which instilled in him an appreciation for the interconnectedness of cultures, design principles, and people. Inspired by his spiritual journey, Darshil's artistic expression finds manifestation through pen on paper, where he cultivates geometric forms, lines, and shapes. This medium serves as a canvas to reflect on inner exploration, self-discovery, and peace and to inspire audiences to do the same through his works.

Join us at World Art Dubai and meet our talented artists at our stalls. Explore captivating artworks, browse through catalogues, and engage in discussions for potential collaborations. Let's bring your projects to life together. See you at World Art Dubai!


Join Us At World Art Dubai!

Thanks for joining us. See you there!

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