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A Journey to Nuances of Time

Ladakh, enamel and acrylic on canvas, 2020

Indian artist Savya Jain highlights aspects of the environment through her abstracted perspective while painting it with a distinctive palette of colours. As she paints, she associates emotions, feelings, and events in her life with feelings and thoughts she has at the moment. From creating works that sing serenades to mastering the ability to delve her viewers into a dream influenced by nostalgia, Savya’s works are unanimously representative of people’s lives and their thoughts surrounding it.

The artist captures nuances from nature into her art through her travels to create pieces using techniques inspired by Hans Hoffman, and Jackson Pollock and one brush stroke technique to create vivacious pieces. Her works comment on nostalgic experiences and objects, nature, feelings, thoughts and social structures all while displaying utopian realms where one can seek happiness in. Through a vibrant colour palette and exquisite forms, the works aim to instil positivity, bliss, and happiness in the hearts of the viewers.

Firefly III, mixed media on yupo paper, 2020

While natural events whether they’re positive or negative leave a lasting impact on the world, the artist doesn’t hesitate to delve into a unique perspective to display the impact of natural catastrophes and the essence of positivity in time. This is evident in her work ‘Firefly III’ which has emphasised a time when an Indian city was invaded by swarms of locusts that caused an upsurge in the region leading to extreme loss of vegetation and inconvenience. People were forced to lock themselves in their homes while the swarms continued to consume and destroy everything in their wake. Much to the contrary, it also illustrates fireflies that symbolise hope and positivity that are used to wage a battle against the adverse event faced by the city. As a visual representation of hope in adversity, the artwork helps viewers to believe that not everything will last forever and that testing times will pass.

When inspired by regions and events in life, the artist also creates works that evoke emotions. While every art piece promises a particular group of emotions, Savya captures a single feeling to stimulate interconnected sentiments in her viewers.

Inspired, acrylic on canvas, 2022

Among her works, ‘Inspired’ visualises the feeling of being motivated and the aftermath of this feeling. It shows how one gains a sense of clarity and certainty about things from trivial everyday things in their surroundings. Inspiration could also stem from thoughts and places that drive one to create or do something new and different. Inspired by a native community of the great grand canyon, the work highlights a spark of fresh imagination taking birth in the misty mornings of the area. The rich and pleasant atmosphere portrayed through symbolic colours communicates the infusion of positivity and enthusiasm in one’s mind. The fusion of varied feelings and emotions like joy, bliss, curiosity and rejuvenation delivers a dreamy image of the city’s elements as well as the feelings evoked by the scene. By capturing the feeling of inspiration on a canvas, the artist also captures emotions that will be summoned within the minds of viewers from time to time.

Savya captures forgotten nuances of the past, feelings of the momentary present and sentiments that will be delivered in future. She creates portals through her works that become a device for an effortless journey through time that satisfies one’s yearning for tranquillity, long-lost joy, happiness and hopes for the future.


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