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A Look At 5 Printmakers Who Inspire Innovation

 Red Alder Tree Stump Print in black and blue in the shape of a butterfly
Vanessa Lanza, Red Alder Tree Stump Print, 2022

It is an honour for Artiste Culture to present printmaking artists from around the world as part of its mission to introduce new art forms and narratives to a global audience. We worked together with five printmakers to examine how their individual travels translated into beautiful prints that express ideas through the beauty of truly objective forms.

From inspiring stories to techniques, these artists will inspire you to delve into the alluring world of printmaking.

1. Metasit Bunaikbuth, Bangkok, Thailand

geometric prints in red, yellow and navy blue
Metasit Bunaikbuth, Untitled, 2022

Experimentation is the core principle of Metasit’s works. The artist, who originates from Bangkok, Thailand, was first influenced by printmakers like Rembrandt, Dürer, Hokusai, and Warhol as well as Johann Gutenberg, who created the world's first printing press. Bunaikbuth describes his works as ‘experimental art’ and has worked with several techniques like monotype, monoprint and collagraph whilst keeping in mind to practice techniques that are environmentally friendly. Bunaikbuth's works serve as a monument to innovation and the boldness to explore new techniques and styles.

2. Laura Arteaga Charlton, South Florida, U.S.A

monoprint of cardboard in navy blue
Laura Arteaga Charlton, Monoprint, 2022

American printmaker Laura calls printmaking an alchemical process which allows her to incorporate different states of being to communicate wonder and bliss through the use of found objects. She stumbled upon the concept of cardboard when she was given an assignment at her university to work on found objects and a cardboard box in a recycling bin led her to the journey. The box however is a primary object she has used to create several prints, she also uses other packing materials with different coloured inks to create vibrant intuitive pieces. Her works aim to create an open space for inquiry and curiosity that jump from one state of being to another. Despite the fact that packing materials do not carry much meaning for the average person, Laura has successfully transformed them into something elegant that inspires one to see beauty even in the simplest things.

3. Koichi Yamamoto, Tennessee, U.S.A

intaglio print in black on kozo print
Koichi Yamamoto, Intaglio print, 2022

From his love for geology that evolved into a passion for lithography, Japanese American printmaker, Koichi’s works are an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques that blend with his innovative approaches. He works with monotype, copper engraving and intaglio printmaking processes where he creates complex symmetrical impressions that communicate with the viewers who are welcome to have different perceptions of his works. Additionally, Koichi makes prints on more durable materials, turning them into kites that he likes to compare to spirits that converse sublimely while transporting divine energies. The concept of prints on simplistic materials such as kites is notably unique and due to inspiring generations to innovate and merge techniques to create meaningful works.

4. Ellie Kingsley, Cambridge, Canada

garden prints with leaves and flowers in black and white
Ellie Kingsley, My Garden No. 2, 2021

Inspired by her mother and maternal grandparents who come from variant creative fields, Ellie decided to pursue various artistic mediums including the field of printmaking. As a student of architecture, Ellie’s academic background proffers a heightened focus on intricate details of both built and natural forms. It has provided her with a language to apprehend the world around her and the relationships between created environments, peoples, and existing landscapes. This gets translated into how she conveys her emotions and understanding of three-dimensional relationships within her two-dimensional prints. As an emerging printmaker, Ellie aims to continue to grow by creating striking pieces that reflect on things, places and people who have impacted the trajectory of their existence.

5. Vanessa Lanza, Washington, U.S.A

western red cedar print in black on a white paper
Vanessa Lanza, Western Red Ceder Print, 2021

Art was an area of refuge for the American printmaker Vanessa Lanza. Harbouring love for the Pacific Northwest and inspired by artistic influences in childhood involving prints and a book of salvaged tree prints by Bryan Nash Gil, she began teaching herself printmaking. Natural elements, specifically rare trees and their elements are the printmaker’s muse. Vanessa uses monotype, cyanotype and relief printmaking techniques to print leaves, tree stumps, tree rings, branches, ocean water, sand, seaweeds, etc. Her deep connection with her roots and nature translates into alluring pieces that educate her audiences on the many intricacies of natural elements. She loves to document the age of trees and their lives through her prints as it shows how trees are survivors much like humans. Her tree ring prints show a record of all the good and bad it has suffered. Through her prints, Vanessa aims to honour the lives of these trees and inspire people to protect them.

These are just some of the printmaking artists that inspire the world around them through their innovative approaches and determination to narrate unique stories through the medium of printmaking. While art is a field of innovation much like science, influence comes from different areas in an artist’s life that inspires the use of a new technique or regeneration of techniques lost to history. Whether its communication through the use of natural elements or simple objects that are often ignored, at Artiste Culture, we believe that these artists will inspire a generation of artists who will continue to follow the same line of technique or innovate furthermore with the same message that will be communicated through centuries.


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