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Art Against Injustice

Alexandra Alvarez at Absynthe Gallery

Alexandra Alvarez Medina believes that art should be more than just a decoration for the walls, and it should serve as a means of conveying messages that need to be heard. As a Venezuelan artist based in New York, her art journey has not come without obstacles. However, these hurdles have inspired her work and have driven her to create her own opportunities.

Using art as a form of therapy, Alexandra uses biographical themes in her art to gain a better understanding of herself. During her healing journey, she produced a series of pieces which inspired her interest in psychology and philosophy. Themes of understanding the mind and human nature have further been integrated into her works.

The False Self, mixed-media on paper, 2020

‘The False Self’ displays the weight of life one carries when masking your truest feelings. The range of emotions subdued, from anger to anxiety to sadness, is all hidden by a mask. The figurative piece expresses the heaviness of maintaining a persona by containing our innermost emotions.

The Dungeon, mixed media on paper, 2020

‘The Dungeon’ portrays one trying to hide from their demons but unable to escape them. Overpowered by monsters of their own creation that can only be defeated through facing them.

The artist also uses her work to protest against injustice in Venezuela. She is working on a new series to protest against the corruption in Venezuela and to bring awareness to the preservation of ancestral knowledge. She aims to use her art as a flag of expression to inspire Venezuelans.

Alexandra's work is characterised by repetitive patterns reminiscent of tribal art. She reflects on her roots through her art using symbols from her indigenous culture. The artist is brought to a meditative state when she paints using lines and shapes that emulate aboriginal language. Through the use of bright acrylics and watercolours, she expresses the vibrance of the Caribbean. Alexandra approaches her artwork figuratively and attributes this to her time working in the advertising industry. However, the Venezuelan artist is still discovering her style and would like to explore more abstract art. She is inspired by artwork such as street graffiti and mixed-media art that is popularized in New York City. Approaching art less academically and more freely is something she is exploring.

The artist has remained resilient in trying to make a mark in the very competitive art industry offered in New York City. Alexandra has faced challenges as an immigrant in creating a life for herself and building an art career with no connections. However, she has used her skills to create more opportunities for herself and other artists through doing group shows and fairs. She believes that you may reach a goal on your own but by collaborating with others you can go beyond your wildest dreams. Alexandra is driven by the desire to leave a legacy for her daughter and to set an example that you can achieve your dreams no matter the obstacles that may come your way.


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