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Honouring The World Through Art

The origin of art lies in humans' desire to express what they see, feel, and hear from their surroundings, people, and imaginations sparked by tales. Although traditionally, the basic requirement to be an artist has always been to create a symbolic or objective depiction of anything as it was seen or heard. Abstract painting however emerged in the early 20th century and the concept of expressing oneself independently in non-figurative forms has inspired generations of numerous artists around the world. William Kandinsky who is the accredited father of abstract painting has inspired many, while many present-day artists take inspiration from others, one such artist was influenced by his work that created a path to his creative journey.

Acrylic abstract painting on canvas by Gerrit Hodemacher
Independence sky, acrylic on canvas, 2021

Gerrit Hodemacher’s discovery of abstract art changed his opinion as a child. Due to a conventional demand for a traditional piece that may have attested to his competence, his efforts to create an abstract work weren't appreciated in his school. 30 years later, his daughter’s creativity rekindled his artistic side, so he picked up the brush and decided to express himself the way he once did as a child. Gerrit uses his paintings to communicate his feelings and nostalgic experiences through his works that have built a rapport with his ever-growing audience. In his opinion, painting is one of the best mediums for expressing oneself when words have lost the ability to do so. While his artwork is a reflection of his emotions, he is eager to hear what the viewers think of it.

Besides his work, Gerrit aims to contribute to society by creating works that are later produced into merchandise used by non-profit organisations. His noble aim of helping society led him to initiate the project 'Honour the Sunset'. To him, sunset has a symbolic meaning that is closely associated with letting go of loss, fear and sadness. In his life, Gerrit appreciates and celebrates every moment. A sunset is something he actively looks forward to, and he associates it with warmth, a precursor to the next sunrise.

“When the sun (which can also be a human being) is there for us, it is warm and cosy. When it starts to set, we know it's going to be dark soon and we might feel lonely at night. And sometimes in moments like this, we don't know if it will ever rise again. That's why for me: beautiful things come and go and if we honour it enough and look back joyfully at the warm time, then the sun will rise again. I believe in this cycle. That's why it's called "Honour the sunset". It definitely has a lot to do with letting go” - Gerrit Hodemacher
acrylic abstract painting by Gerrit Hodemacher
Humility, acrylic on canvas, 2019

Gerrit’s artistic career began when he created an artwork honouring his father an evening before he, unfortunately, passed away. The artist holds the work dear to himself and feels his father around him and is proud of him. ‘Humility’ is his first artwork; he calls it his personal queen of abstract since it has inspired his journey and many other works. The artist leaves the work open to unique viewer perceptions since he believes that abstract artworks give the viewer the freedom to do so. The work depicts a subtle shade of a horse on the right with its head bowed to honour the things the animal has seen before it. Principally, the artwork is a product of newfound passion and a reflection of the reignition of his creativity which makes it an invaluable piece for the artist to have.

Acrlic paint abstract art on canvas by Gerrit Hodemacher
Yeah, Acrylic on Canvas, 2021

As a former poet, Gerrit’s works are further distinguished by his addition of meaningful words in many of his works. The artist says that while not all the words he adds mean anything, he likes to leave his viewers in a state of curiosity, as a part of his sense of humour. This is evident in many of his works. The work ‘Yeah’ encompasses words that describe different types of passions in a distinctive way. The artwork includes words like ‘MOIST’, ‘DEEP’, ‘PUGS’. ‘YEAH’ and ‘HMM’ which Gerrit believes are expressive words that hold emotions within them. Although passion is associated with zeal, Gerrit shows neutral connotations that result in the utterance of these words.

Taking into account Gerrit’s creativity and his noble attempt to serve the economy fruitfully, Gerrit dreams of growing further as an artist. During his newfound creative career, he has received various criticisms and perceptions from viewers, gallerists and art critics alike which he considers a valuable piece of advice to learn from and grow. Gerrit sees the positive in everything and believes that every opinion on his work counts since it helps him improve and evolve in his career.

“I can truly tell you that every conversation and line in the comments on Instagram has influenced my work and journey. Even bitter criticism of my art” - Gerrit Hodemacher

While he is on a journey to grow as an artist, he also aims to contribute to society by working on social projects and collaborating with institutions that share his vision. Gerrit’s aim to build a better world through his contributions via art is what sets him apart as he strives to honour his experiences, his family and the world around him which he believes is a pathway to success.

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