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The Adversities and Advancement of the Art Industry in 2021.

When the Corona Virus became an established pandemic, the reality was that many industries would-be put-on hold. But it was clear that the art industry would be especially affected. With the struggles of COVID testing the boundaries of industries, it was known that the art industry would face a series of struggles that most industries would not. The pandemic has introduced new challenges and struggles to different businesses and organisations.

Abyss by Veronika Kyrychenko.

Retrieved from: (Art House VK)

Art and cultural organisations use tools and equipment that require significant financial support, as does any industry; however, it is usually not the first investment option for galleries and individual artists' interests. The artworld is continuously evolving and adapting with the changing socio-political landscape, with arts organisations often acting as a mirror to society. Thus, its methods are constantly everchanging. Therefore, it is vital that we assess how the industry has changed, both positively or negatively, and how this has affected artists.

Artiste Culture aims to engage with and highlight each artist's lived experience as a project that invests itself in their artist well-being. A large aspect of this process is taking into account how the pandemic has affected them personally and their artistic practices. The transition to a society where artistic practitioners, art organisations, and (most importantly), the art market, are centred around the concept of the digital or virtual space could be considered a forced revolution. Through a revolution, nonetheless. We consider this metamorphic change to be an opportunity to globalise the world of art, create connections that uplift one another, improve accessibility and inclusivity, and invoke important conversations that can contribute to diversifying the arts industry.

As the findings above, galleries are emerging as big players in the online sales industry. Therefore, creating a space for inviting and collaborating with art fairs and other smaller galleries is becoming increasingly involved. Lockdown restrictions and social distancing have forced a new form of online engagement that might forever alter how the art market and its stakeholders approach their digital presence, as well as their usual ways of operating. With major galleries adapting to the digital model, Artiste Culture has used the opportunity to create a digital project that nurtures artists' growth authentically.

Why is it so important that we have an open discussion about this? Now that we can see clear patterns with galleries, collectors and individual artists, combined with the sudden changes that allow for fundamental change within the industry. We can do what we can, knowing it's doubtful the art world will ever revert back entirely to the one we once knew, and perhaps this is for the better.

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