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Assisting Artists In Their Journey

The world of art offers tremendous opportunities and paths for artists from all parts of the world. There are endless approaches that can be adapted to flourish as an artist. With the world going digital and blurring the geographical boundaries, the prospects can be overwhelming for not only emerging artists but mid-career and seasoned artists who face the same predicament.

We recently launched a program dedicated to support artists individually. Through engaging conversations with each and every artist, we discover their stories and vision which then results in us making strategic suggestions to help them grow globally.

Usually, as a consultant, we connect with artists to get details of works available for sale. The engagement used to be very mechanical. These consultations have given me the opportunity and privilege to know an artist personally. The stories I have discovered so far not only gave me an insight into their journey but I also found out what makes these artists great. I have been able to guide them even better now- Sunaina, founder - Artiste Culture

How do we engage?

Through consultations, we engage with artists to get a deeper understanding of their journey as an artist so far and their aspirations. We see this as a great opportunity to explore various possibilities and the potential an artist has in the global art market. This intimate conversation helps us build a bond with artists from all parts of the world.

Who can talk to us?

The consultation is open for emerging,

mid-career and season artists from around the world. Whether an artist who has not even entered the market yet or an artist who has made a mark in certain demographics, the platform is open for all visual artists. The obstacles and desires of artists to keep evolving happens every step of the way, therefore, we participate in such conversations with contemporary artists irrespective of how new or accomplished they are.

What are the kind of conversations we have had so far?

We talk to artists about the challenges they may face and also answer their questions and clarify any doubts they may have on how to explore various opportunities. Some of the more frequently asked questions by artists are “How do I widen my audience horizon?” or “Is it good to experiment with our techniques?” or even “Is it possible to create a name for yourself in the industry if I haven’t graduated from an art school?” or "I have established myself as an artist in various cities/countries, what could be next for me? Questions that can arise in some or even possibly all upcoming artists around the world. We provide a carefully structured and experienced guide to artists in the consultation process, thereby furthering an artist's representation and motivation to continue on their path. Post the consultation sessions, our seniors work with the artists to document their work and their practice, so that independent artists have the proper papers and authorizations to provide to galleries and curators to display their work.

How do we book consultations?

The artists can book their consultations directly either by writing to us at or by clicking here.

Artist Support just nudges artists in the right direction and helps clear their minds of the various doubts they might have along the way. This comes with an incentive of discovering new and inspiring stories of artists from various cultures.

The document attached illustrates the ideology and services in detail. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated with various opportunities available globally for artists from all walks of life.

Artist Support Program_Sunaina
Download PDF • 3.00MB

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